Friday, January 4, 2008

And the Rains Came

Okay, I said the rain arrived already, but it is really, really, really raining now. The air is white with the sheets of driven raindrops. The pepper tree limbs have been waving frantically, as though signaling for help from somewhere. It's too dark now to see any other trees, but even the sturdy oak limbs have been known to move in such gusty winds. After refusing to go outside three times during the afternoon, Lucy finally had to be physically coaxed out. It hardly seemed fair to push her out alone (I'm more sensitive than that), I went with her into the big back yard. We stood in the downpour, but no amount of encouragement got her to go out a ways and do her business. I could tell it was on her mind, though. She's very expressive, both face and body language. Finally, when we were both totally soaked, she lowered her head and tail and, in obvious distress over the weather, disappeared around the stone house. I don't know what she did over there alone, but I have to hope that when she returned the deed was done. It took some towels and effort to dry both of us off. I had to change all my clothes. Now Lucy is fed and dry, cozy on Mama's multi-colored afghan (well, sometimes she's on the couch), and my crockpot mulligan is beginning to smell quite edible. Enough for one day.

(Oh, if you've been praying for rain . . . I think it might be time to ease off for a while.) (smile)
Love by the bucketful, SilverBee


  1. Hi,

    Don't know how I happened on your blog, but it's really nicely written. I just started one yesterday. (I never thought that would happen!)

    Take care,


  2. Jennifer, I've heard there are no coincidences (or accidents?). So, I'm going to assume that you and I were meant to meet. Hello. I've read your profile, and my sister, who found your comment first, is right: our interests appear to be compatible. Anyway, welcome, and I'll be checking in to see how you're doing with your blog. I'm wondering what I'll have to say once this last storm system moves on through. Well, that's not a real worry, since (just ask my family and friends) I'm a fairly wordy kinda person.

    Our favorite books list is some different, although I keep thinking of ones I haven't mentioned in mine. After a while the list begins to encompass the globe.

    Keep in touch!

  3. Jennifer, I don't know if you'll receive a heads up about my comment, but I'm sort of back to the blog and reading comments that have been left. Yours reminds me that I really wanted to keep in touch. No, I wasn't born in the Year of the Pig, but I have some piggish traits. (smile)

    I check you blog but didn't see how to comment or reach you. I hope you'll see this and get in touch.


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