Friday, January 25, 2008

We Have a Creek!

The rain has finally soaked the ground beyond its ability to hold its water. This is actually about the third day water has been flowing. The rain is still falling sporadically. I just checked the NOAA map, and it shows us on the top end of the rain area and at the bottom end of the high winds forecast. We could get either, neither or both.

Anyway, the main thing is that the creek is a river. I walked out across the road from the ranch corrals and took these pictures.

Looking Downstream toward the Highway

It's an odd but exhilarating feeling to have the roads out of the canyon blocked by a flowing creek. I had a doctor's appointment today. Marcia used their satellite telephone to call and change it. I wonder sometimes how the old saw: The good Lord willing and the creek don't rise goes over. I've enjoyed being able to say it now and then. LOLOL

Looking Upstream toward the Head of the Canyon

Here is almost the same view upstream from January 2007.

So, while I'm here, thinking about so many things, I'm considering the process of whittling down the tons of stuff I have stored in the stone house. If (and I can only say "if") there are 365 boxes, one box a day would clear out the stone house. I'd better get started. (smile)

The piano is bringing me (and my birds) (and even my cat) so much happiness. I'm playing (I should say "practicing") songs from the 1940s. My favorite so far is How Are Things in Glaccamorra. I don't follow the music exactly, but as I work on the chord combinations, I see relationships that had just never struck me before--how changing one note makes one chord change into another. This, I'm sure, was what my dad was trying to teach me. I got the part about when to change to a 7th chord, for example. But I think now about how he sounded when he played the guitar in his younger days, how he went through all these chords I'm learning about now, and I'm sure there was more I just didn't catch. It was quite a gift he gave me, and I need to remember those good things now and then.

Well, before I break into tears, I'm going to call it quits.



  1. Thanks. It really help me, as a beginner at this, to hear that.


  2. Oh, well, I guess I need to proofread my comments. (smile)



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