Sunday, January 13, 2008

Well, I Have to Complain Sometime!

Have you noticed that the number of free website are diminishing?  I do a lot of both surfing (following my nose online) and research (directed searches for specific information).  It hasn't been long since it was possible to go just about anywhere, retrieve information or source references, and make it back to home page without a pecuniary scratch.  These days, the story has changed drastically, and my sense is that the changes "ain't over yet."

I remember, back when we lived in Maryland, there was a huge discussion about whether commerce ought to be allowed on the Internet at all, as it was just becoming publicly available.  What's happening today is what was foreseen by the wiser heads back then.  Now, even if a payment in coin of the realm is not exacted, most sites require you to "register" which raises issues of privacy.  I wager most people do not take the time to read those service agreements and privacy policy statements and, therefore, have no idea how their information will be used.  It is that private information that becomes payment.  And this is coming from one who is skeptical of almost every kind of conspiracy theory.  (Now, the real stuff is another matter!  LOL)

The Internet has been the most freeing, the most connecting, the most enlightening "entity" most of us will ever have the good fortune to meet.  To see it gradually bound and gagged by those who will extract their pound of flesh before we can use it really makes me mad!  

Well, complaining is going to do me diddly squat good, I know.  The wheels of unchecked economic forces will restructure the Internet to its most advantageous form--to the economic powers that be.  But, rats!  I was just hoping it wouldn't happen while I'm still around to see it.


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