Thursday, October 13, 2011

Autumn Sights Outside my Back Door

I'm not always thinking about politics and social justice.  Sometimes I'm lost in moments of wonder at the changing beauty out my back door.  Just now the skies are gray, and every now and then a little rain comes down.  When a breeze kicks up, swaying the tops of the tall skinny trees in the woods surrounding the backyard, a shower of leaves tumbles to the ground.  The result of all that tumbling, walnut leaves blanket the patio and walkway, leaves that will resist with what seems like wilfulness later attempts to sweep them away.  Oh, well.  The bird feeders carry on a brisk business, with chickadees, titmice, nuthatches, an occasional bright red cardinal or chacking red-headed woodpecker.  I haven't seen the flock of crows today, but a while ago several doves, ever-present squirrels, and those clowns-of-the-yard chipmunks grazed among the grass, violets, wild strawberry plants and other un-named greenery that make up the mowed yard we call lawn.

Oh, I really meant to talk about the changing colors.  Day by day the many-hued greens of honeysuckle, sassafrass, maple, oak, black walnut, mulberry, and various vines in the woods beyond my open door become golden and tan.  I wait for reds, but I think that may be happening higher in the mountains.  I can still see blue and red morning glories, the red berries of a small honeysuckle tree, the maroon leaves and neon pink feathery flowers of the loropetalum . . .

Oh, again, the sun just came out, lighting up the world outside my back door . . . and is quickly gone, bringing another rush of leaves.  Well, I suppose that's enough for today.

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