Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Growing seedlings I've collected all year. Notice the pin with my brother Jacob's picture
Things are moving fast--too fast at times. In addition to the two large projects, 1) finishing my second book for Xlibris and 2) completing the editing on Terry Susong's book (also to be published by Xlibris), also, there are the side issues. To promote The Girl Who Dreamed of Ships, I need to talk to book store buyers, write and maintain a blog about it, as well as to keep my voice, face, and writings out in public view. That is all a full-time job. 

Waiting in the wings are project around my apartment and bonsai workshop. You've heard the term "uncluttering?" Well, that's what is facing me. Then there are plants sitting on the patio in nursery cans wondering (if plants can wonder) just when they will be flourishing as "old" trees in beautiful bonsai pots--lots and lots of them. And the tiles and slates I found at estate sales are piling up. No, they aren't wondering anything, but I am wondering when I will be able to clear off the patio workbenches, clean them thoroughly, and apply the tiles, with all the appropriate adhesives and grout and stuff. 
Just in case anyone questions how hard I work!

So, here I sit writing this post. I did send an edited chapter to Terry this morning. Now, do I start on another chapter for him--or shall I work for an hour or so on (working title) Volcano Boy? They both need to be finished in the next month or so. No problem, I say to my friend Bob Legaspi of Xlibris. (smile)

It has been a beautiful day. Sunshine and wild birds visiting the feeders, roses blooming in the foot of the yard--Joseph's Coat and Purple Splash, Don Juan and Oklahoma. Nina and I can hardly wait for the irises to open up, some of the ones that once bloomed in our Little Mother's yard.

Life is good, and I am indeed a lucky woman!