Friday, April 26, 2013


There's a new wind blowing in my dreaming. Anyone who knows me has seen my life change in many different directions. And I'm happy with all those twists and turns. Now I'm thinking of--and planning for-- another big one. The next few months are for getting ready and making definite plans. I hope everything will be in order by the first of 2014.

First, I'm getting fit. Silver Sneakers allows me to join a gym, which I did a week ago. I'm working on weight control, aerobics, strength training--all the things that will make my health better. 

Second, I'll be accumulating (saving, not spending) money. Every penny I can spare will go into my Preparation Fund.

Third, I'll get the truck healthy, too. It's a good truck, camper ready with all the hookups and connections. All it needs is some overdue maintenance, I'm hoping.

Fourth, I'm going to buy a used slide-in camper with the overhead bed compartment and everything I need to live in it. Then I'll make a modification inside to accommodate my birds--take out the overhead kitchen cabinets and build a wire cage in their places--with pull-out trays for cleaning.

Fifth, I'll hit the road and travel for as long as I'm able. Without the costs of a settled habitation, I'll be able to support myself on the road.

Sixth and most important is to clear out the little apartment that has been my home for the past three and a half years. Very little will fit in my rolling home. In fact, this part is already beginning and will continue for the entire time before my departure.

It won't be easy to say goodbye to my sweet sister and her three sons and their wives and kids. Being here close to them has been wonderful. But it's time for the next adventure to begin--and I'll be back this way again and again.


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